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Independent Fiduciary

We're not owned by any company, and we're required to put your needs ahead of ours.

No Commission Revenue

We don't receive commissions in your investment accounts. So, no conflicts of interest.

Proactive Contact

We will proactively contact you, and you don't have to worry about getting a new advisor every year.

Comprehensive Services

We're independent, so we have access to a range of products from a variety of providers.

Hire a financial advisor that puts YOU first by asking these questions:

Find out if a financial advisor really puts their clients first by asking the following questions. If they don't answer these questions the right way, you know they're not really in it for you.

No Investment Minimum

You're a person, not a profit margin. You do NOT have to have a certain amount of money to work with us. If your financial advisor has an investment minimum, do they care more about helping people or something else?

Cash is Free

We do NOT charge a fee on your cash. Most financial advisors charge their fee on cash in your investment accounts. So, if you have an account with us that's 50% invested and 50% in cash, our fee is only on the invested portion. Does your financial advisor treat you this way?

Disclosure Available Online

Financial Aurora's disclosure is available right here on our website. Every financial advisor has a disclosure, but most make it hard for you to access it. Do you really want to use a financial advisor that lacks transparency?

Charges Fee in Arrears

Financial Aurora charges its fee in arrears. Most advisors charge in advance...like a cable company. Do you really want to pay a financial advisor before they've done their work?


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